6 Bad habits that makes you fat

Habits you need to consider Seriously yes it’s true ,the main problem resides in head rather than body. Once you accept this you are ready for solution otherwise no workout program even comes from Mars can help you in any regard.

Yes you are Eating too much 

Often heard that “I am not eating much just 4 times a day and very little snacks , bread etc.” Stop telling lies to yourself the fat in your body did not came by birth or have gifted by God as blessing to you. It has been gained by you by definitely taking 1000’s of extra calories without burning them. So it’s true your intake is higher than Calorie usage.

Start From Today

“I’ll start from tomorrow, or better by next month let’s eat right now and have fun with this zinger! “. Tomorrow never comes start not from today but start right now, just imagine yourself in the state of war against yourself.Your enemy possessed you and asking for more food so you have to fight your inner enemy.

Workout will not help Reduce weight

The most ridiculous and disgusting argument not only by overweight guys but from others too, those not working out saying “It won’t help much ! “. That is the main reason it’s not helping much to them because they are not working out. There are uncountable health benefits of regular workout so put that thought in trash and start looking for some great place. Swimming along with workout makes double impact.

What people thinks about me

People , people , people. It does not make a single effect on those talking about you or observing you during workout, if you become sick by excess weight or have some other obesecity problems , joint pain it won’t make a single effect on those backbiters . Be focused and sure about what your are doing and why you are doing this !

I’ll Never be able to lose weight

If you watch “My 600 lb Life” TLC series you will never ever complain this. People even lose about double hundred pounds. Yes it will work, you will believe it when you see it. Just buy a bathroom scale and measuring tape and you can clearly observe it with your own eyes.

Why  should I lose weight

“I am ok , I have all the stuff around me ! I do not need anything”. No one and seriously no one like fat guys and girls, even one of your beloved boyfriend or girlfriend making 100’s of promises with you always looking for elegant , smart and handsome peoples around them. Yes it natural factor our body is a gift from God and when it’s in shape , it has its own beauty that appeal’s everyone eyes so don’t hide your own beauty behind fat mountains.