How to get mega jackpot in subway surfers

subway surfers mega jackpotWhile playing Subway Surfers every one try to win jackpot on Tuesday events. In start I was frustrated too but once I won the first jackpot I came to know its true and not fake as I thought. Just we need another patience in order to won this jackpot. Here I am writing how to won the mega jackpot in mystery box and when there are chances that you surely can win.

  • First you need to keep in mind mega jackpot could possibly be won on Tuesday.
  • When you have about 100,000 or 150,000 coins then you are ready and you can give it a shot.
  • Just be patience and relax, go to shop > Buy in subway surfers.
  • Start tapping buy button again and again and spent 10,000 to 50,000 coins buying mystery  boxes.
  • This is called first shot. There is 80% chance of Mega-jackpot in first shot, if it won’t appear don’t dis-heart.
  • After 1 or 2 hours of gap you are ready for another test drive. Again repeat the same procedure by just tapping buy button repeatedly spending 50,000 coins and there you go.

I always won jackpot about every week , only once I missed it completely when I spent about 150,000 to 300,000 coins but still had no luck. And normally it appears in first or 2nd try.

Another big advantage is when advertisement videos are giving away a chance to double the coins, by asking for making it double and when you click on that it will double the coins you find in mystery box. When I tried it on Tuesday in 2nd shot I won Mega jackpot and then there was a button “Double Up” when I pressed , it makes my jackpot double here is the screenshot . So give it a shot definitely it will appear.

subway surfers jackpot

10 thoughts on “How to get mega jackpot in subway surfers”

  1. Yes I didn’t checked it recently but it worked for me many times I can show you how many coins I have. You need to be patient.

  2. @pokemon it depends whether you can get it within 50,000 or sometimes it requires to go beyond 50,000. But don’t be disappoint too early. I suggest first just spend 20,000 coins then next week further 20,000. keep playing and keep collecting more coins rather than just waiting for jackpot. I first achieved 100,000 mark then I started doing this. Good luck

  3. 50.000 coins are just 100 boxes. should i buy 100 boxes or spend so much money that i have 50.000 coins less than at the start. because you can get money if you buy a box

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