type urdu in windows 7

Hello guys ! I am writing here the method to type Urdu in MS windows XP / windows 7 . Using this technique you can type Urdu very very easily any where in windows even in any software. I am describing here in steps , if you found any problem you can leave comments here.

STEP : 1
Download the following and install it in your system here are the links.

Download CURLP Urdu keyboard

Download Nafees Nakash Urdu Fonts

STEP : 2

Insert your MS Window XP / Window Vista or Windows 7 CD in your ROM Drive. Open control panel and go to
Control Panel > Region and Language > 3RD Tab (windows 7) Keyboard and languages > Click on install / update languages it will install all languages not installed during installation of windows. I am considering here windows 7 , but same options can easily be find in previous version in Region and language dialogue box.

Control panel Region and Language

STEP : 3

Click on Change keyboards > Text services and Input Languages dialog will appear . If you can see Urdu keyboard here it means it is successfully installed.

Urdu Keyboard phonetic

STEP : 4

Go to 3RD Tab in Text services and Input Languages you can see English and Urdu key settings here . Here you can assign toggle key for English and Urdu by which you can switch between Urdu and English typing modes

Text Services and Input Languages

STEP : 5

Click on any language English or Urdu and click on button Change Key Sequence a small dialog box will appear. From here you can change the key you want to use . For an example Ctrl 0 For English and Ctrl 1 for Urdu (you can set your own)

Change Key Sequence

STEP : 6

Know open any Text Editor or Software in which you want to type Urdu. I used MS word 2007 here. Know press Ctrl 1 and start typing Urdu :-). If the fonts are not good you can install many urdu fonts easily available over internet , or you can download Nafees Nakash from the link mentioned in STEP-1 . If you installed it , it will appear in Fonts list of MS Word 2007 list.

type urdu in ms word 2007

Urdu font in MS Word 2007

urdu font in ms word 2007

7 thoughts on “type urdu in windows 7”

  1. If you are typing english in the same line in which you already wrote urdu content , just toggle language by pressing ctrl+0 or ctrl+1 (the keys you assigned for switching between english and urdu keyboards) then by pressing Enter key you can break the line.

  2. Thank you very much for sharing the article. Could you please guide me in this regard as under:

    my home address is Islamabad میرا وطن پاکستان ہے یہ 14اگست 1947کو وجود میں آیا۔

    whenever I type English while typing Urdu, the English text does not move to next line rather the Urdu text does the same.

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