type urdu in windows 7

Hello guys ! I am writing here the method to type Urdu in MS windows XP / windows 7 . Using this technique you can type Urdu very very easily any where in windows even in any software. I am describing here in steps , if you found any problem you can leave comments here.

STEP : 1
Download the following and install it in your system here are the links.

Download CURLP Urdu keyboard

Download Nafees Nakash Urdu Fonts

STEP : 2

Insert your MS Window XP / Window Vista or Windows 7 CD in your ROM Drive. Open control panel and go to
Control Panel > Region and Language > 3RD Tab (windows 7) Keyboard and languages > Click on install / update languages it will install all languages not installed during installation of windows. I am considering here windows 7 , but same options can easily be find in previous version in Region and language dialogue box.

Control panel Region and Language

STEP : 3

Click on Change keyboards > Text services and Input Languages dialog will appear . If you can see Urdu keyboard here it means it is successfully installed.

Urdu Keyboard phonetic

STEP : 4

Go to 3RD Tab in Text services and Input Languages you can see English and Urdu key settings here . Here you can assign toggle key for English and Urdu by which you can switch between Urdu and English typing modes

Text Services and Input Languages

STEP : 5

Click on any language English or Urdu and click on button Change Key Sequence a small dialog box will appear. From here you can change the key you want to use . For an example Ctrl 0 For English and Ctrl 1 for Urdu (you can set your own)

Change Key Sequence

STEP : 6

Know open any Text Editor or Software in which you want to type Urdu. I used MS word 2007 here. Know press Ctrl 1 and start typing Urdu :-). If the fonts are not good you can install many urdu fonts easily available over internet , or you can download Nafees Nakash from the link mentioned in STEP-1 . If you installed it , it will appear in Fonts list of MS Word 2007 list.

type urdu in ms word 2007

Urdu font in MS Word 2007

urdu font in ms word 2007