4 Awesome and comprehensive workout portals

3 Awesome and comprehensive workout portals

I am always looking for more professional and comprehensive type of web portals regarding exercises and workout plan , because its very hard to find right workout plan by right trainer. Ultimately I found 3 best workout web portals which every person who wish to look different must know here they are;


Bodybuilding.com is very detailed and awesome workout guide portal for every male/female person. The beauty of the portal is , it focuses on every aspect of training and perfection. It’s catalog contains exercise by every body part or gym equipment. The most attractive functionality is transformation tracking , you can track all your progress by pictures , statistics , day by day approach , you can set your own milestone and goals and keep eye on it. It provides motivation at next level where you can view and watch other’s progress and transformation.Hence giving you a charge to do something and fires a spark to workout and train hard and keeps you always motivated.

2. Muscles And Fitness

Muscles and Fitness Training system already gets popular when released , basically its a fitness magazine but on it official website you can find complete video guide in very detailed manner about each and every part of your body , it uses animation model to show you starting position , ending position and reps in pictorial format as well. Complete video training available at YouTube by title “Muscles and Fitness Training System” , you can easily download/watch it from YouTube.

3. ExRx.net Exercise Prescription

Its another web portal having all details about workout routines , target muscles , muscles map and skeleton structure so that we can understand our body besides training our muscles.You can develop you own workout and templates and print charts though it (charges a little for that). Calorie calculator helps calculating the daily intake of our daily meal.And we find much more when we dig inside and explore it.

4.  Muscles And Strength

Muscles and strength Video Database contains all main muscles training videos in detailed manner along with description , starting and ending positions. You can create goals , track transformations and view other’s transformation history.Motivation articles , quotes and tips makes this web portal a bit unique and you can find much more in it. Just go through it make your own program and stay motivated.

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  1. It is awesome portal for body building i liked it very much because it has all what i was willing to search but now I got it in single blogs thanks

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