Atheism is not a disbelief in gods or a denial of gods; it is a lack of belief in gods. Older dictionaries define atheism as “a belief that there is no God.” Atheist Meaning is misinterpreted most of the times.

Now First Listen about the concepts of atheist then I’ll put my point against this very informative thought given by an atheist (Just remember we can only put our point of view and cannot impose or allowed to impose our belief’s on any one by any means).

Atheist :God Has not revealed himself to me , even if he did I’m not sure how I could be confident that it wasn’t just some kind of delusion reinforced by Mike desires on my culture I’ll trust me you’d now

Theist : O trust me God has revealed himself to me too , I have felt God myself , in my heart God speaks to me I have a close personal relationship with God may a man you see gold is in silent e speaks to us all right , we cannot all be wrong you just need to open that door when you hear the got knock , we have a close personal relationship with God.

Atheist : If God is speaking to all of you (Different Religion peoples) any appears to be telling all love you very different contradictory things perhaps this rather glaring discrepancy can be explained if we examine the fact that your relationship with God seems to be precisely shaped by the culture in which you were raised been the predominant version I’ve got you work talked to believe n sure there are exceptions but typically religion obeys borders well truth doesn’t hold in america God is your way well in India God is Vishnu the truth doesn’t behaving this way in america 2+2=4 in India too close to also equals 4 if God’s message to us was sold dire so vitally important then why wouldn’t he give it to us in such a clear and precise way so that we would all be in agreement as evident as it’s simple math problem in which there is universal agreement home rather than trusting his precious message to be spread by fallible corruptible human beings why would almighty God allow the continuation of such widespread falsehood in his name which would be effortless for him to correct or never even need to correct in the first place because a perfect being would have gotten it right from the very beginning .

Note : Video Courtesy (Dark Matters YouTube)

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