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spam job posts

For past decade I have been looking at the posts “Please hit like or comment so that i can review your profile”. The most annoying and irritating sentence on LN.

There are two types of recruitment posts on linked in or anywhere else(other job portals or pro social network) , we have to analyse and react accordingly and more professional to posts like this.

SPAM Marketing Posts 

Peoples posting this type of lines asking for email or contact or getting number of more connections are nothing but phishing spam posts. Just making the real job posts worthless. Do we really think they have much time to review 1000’s of profiles and some profiles are so weird that its pretty hard to find the right candidate. These posts are normally/mostly related to gulf countries attractive job line and asking to hit like or comment.Before approaching to such posts we must check following before hitting like or commenting blindly here are those checkpoints

1. Check the posters profile , its company and the time spent in the company it will help finding real recruiter and fake recruiter.

2. Is there any real website of such firm or organization ? Will give an idea of its clients/projects.

3. Job post is clear or not or just general , Generic posts made to attract maximum audience because the purpose of the post is audience likes not real job.

REAL Job Posts

I am pretty much amazed when I saw  recruiters  clearly mentioning his/her email in that post asking to send resume on that particular email address,still very professional and experienced peoples are just liking and commenting on that post saying “Please review my profile” , If recruiter has such time why he/she mention its email address in that post? And this sounds no more professional approach to apply for any job by just hitting like or commenting (Basically asking and extra overhead to HR ) asking to review. Steps need to do is just send a professional email along with your resume to that HR email address.Some HR’s do search profiles to find right candidate but these are exceptions and such HR’s don’t publish job posts with their emails.Before apply follow the steps :

1. Go through company profile and official website if any.

2.How many number of employees are there along-with their tenure .

3.Job post is more specific or generic asking for one man show.

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