How religion started

The Question has been raised and asked for many years and have no certain answer so far. An atheist perception about religion and how religion is evolved seems interesting, and every religion follower must give a second thought to their rituals , traditions , values and preachings and what actually hidden behind it and must be discovered instead of following abruptly. Here it is;

How Religion Evolved (An Atheist Perception)

I have been told that there had been a lot of intelligent peoples throughout history who have believed in God that’s true , while you ponder the significance of that I would like you to consider Marcus (Common man).
This is marcus and he is very intelligent guy he heard a pretty ridiculous claim from an anonymous source, he immediately did not believe it and went about his day without giving it further thought later marcus heard of friendly acquaintance make the ridiculous claim but despite the claim is ridiculousness marcus trust in the source so he actually believed it , yet because the ridiculous claim is not actually true you might think that it won’t be too difficult to convince marcus that he should not believe it and at this point indeed it might not be too difficult to convince him of the truth I mean he is and intelligent guy.

Now let’s change the circumstances.
Let’s say the marcus was raised from birth to believe the ridiculous claim if that’s the case it will be much more difficult to convince marcus that the claim is not the true after all it was talked to him and consistently reinforced throughout his life by his parents the very people nature has set him up to trust the most , regardless of their knowledge or lack thereof the actual truth.

Let’s change the circumstances again let’s say that not only was Marcus raised from birth to believe that ridiculous claim but the community of people who lived around Marcus and his family were also raised believing this same ridiculous claim at this point Marcus belief will be reinforced by many other people besides his blood relatives including probably his spouse his believed will be considered the norm and anything that contradicts it will seem alien and wrong now it will be very very difficult to convince Marcus that the ridiculous claim is false.

Let’s change the circumstances

yet again by simply adding many billion of years to the effect that say that the ridiculous claim has persisted throughout many generations Marcus community is merely the most recent community to have been raised with disbelief and the ridiculous claim throughout the years has caused beloved traditions to develop traditions that provide happiness , stability , familiarity and comfort those traditions gave rise to institutions. The ridiculous claim has rolled down a mountain like an avalanche gaining momentum and now there are holidays to celebrate its different aspects ,

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Entire building constructed to facilitate rituals developed from the ridiculous plan complete with specialized vocations, hierarchies, uniforms, school and inspiring work of art and every media naturally intense tribalism develops bonding people who believe the ridiculous claim thereby affecting political policy from the least powerful forms of government to the most powerful.This intense tribalism also causes the stigmatization and ask the cessation of anyone who doesn’t believe the ridiculous claim even amongst friends and family , historically and in some regions to this day disbelievers may be tortured and killed, at this point not only would the ridiculous claim obviously true but the truth would seem obviously ridiculous.Convincing Marcus at this point becomes an exercise in futility as anyone who comes bearing the truth would not only seem ridiculous but strange devious and even evil .

Let’s change the circumstances of final time

Let’s say that the ridiculous claim bears with it a caveat that believing it results in the ultimate reward and disbelieving results in the ultimate punishment now not only does Marcus have a tremendous incentive to believe what has already been relentlessly instilled in him to believe since birth but he also has an incentive to spread the ridiculous claim to those who are unaware but to convince those who disbelieve to the day to NBC in this way using Marcus is good ness the ridiculous claim reproduces causing people to think that not only should they believe it but they need to believe it add this to all the previous circumstances it would be simply amazing if Marcus could ever see the ridiculous claim for the falsehood that it is despite the fact that he’s an intelligent guy the funny thing about the truth is that it will remain true even if you were not raised to believe it , the truth requires no indoctrination communities traditions institutions governments apologetic stigmatization tribalism incentives or punishments it’s yet without these things the ridiculous claim would utterly disappear never to resurface , the truth however will remain true and available to be discovered even if no body spreads it by the edge of sword but by the point of a gun or by the explosion of the bomb or by a parent to their child at some point may be just may be one day Marcus will ask himself why the ridiculous claim needs so many dirty tricks to be believed. ( By DarkMatters2525 )

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