How To Work As A Freelancer

how to work as a freelancer
how to work as a freelancer

The question raises in every newbie mind whoever start working as IT professional , developer , database BI person or network administrator. Luckily I start working as freelancer besides my permanent job so here I would like to explain from A-Z all the steps involved and try to answer all the questions regarding freelance work like how to start , how to get paid , how to identify the right web portal most of the times internet is fill up with forms , surveys , click and pay , affiliate programs etc. I welcome your comments and queries if any.


So First of all please get rid of these as Google add-sense , forms filling and surveys just give you few bucks you can only buy a cup off coffee after working several hours having back/neck pain with no fruitful income and a part it is illegal type of work having no logic , no learning and no money. You just have to click some stupid type of Advertisements (google is restricting now its add policies) filling some brand survey forms , surveys or sending new startups links via email or social media. Bottom line these all are not freelance or even called freelance work as technology specialist.


Now whats the big picture , here it is you need following to work as freelancer if any of one is missing you cannot work as freelancer.

  1. Laptop/Desktop
  2. Good Internet Service
  3. A certain interval of time of you choice a span when you are available for freelance work its purely of your choice
  4. A Bank account to get paid , if it’s in USD its well and good and if in your local currency then no problem at all.
  5. Commitment : While working as a freelancer you must not abide your commitment if you cannot fulfill your words until and unless very exceptional circumstances.
  6. Patience : Its the main and vital part of freelance work

Steps to Start as Freelancer

Here I am enlisting the steps to start and after these steps I’ll give my tips to enhance the chances of getting hired.

  1. First Make and account at one of the Great and most popular web portals complete your precise profile on one of these including you all details and your work if any.
    1. UpWork (Former Odesk)
    2. Elance
    3. Freelancer
  2. These are the most authentic portals , once your profile is complete upto 100% level it will showing your profile completeness in %. Configure your bank account in its settings/options payment setup after a little browsing you will find it easily. You Freelancer Name must be exactly same as your account title otherwise it will create problem to transfer money from freelance portal to your bank account
  3. You are done now Select job types / category you want to work like developer , designer , email campaigner all categories are available there with job counts so select some of the and you find very interesting part-time or full time jobs there working from remote location.
  4. Finally Bidding , the most frustrating and time taking part but please remember there is no shortcut you just have to get introduced in market so be patience no one knows you so how can they trust you for their important task to be done , I’ll give you tips to increase the chances but once for a while be patience . Just start bidding / applying on jobs and keep the rate below average . Like if other professionals are making bid of 10 USD you must keep your rate for the task 7-8 USD.(Remember there are hundreds of freelancers worldwide seeking for that specific task so don’t dis-heart in start).
  5. Just bid/apply on those jobs for which you are 100% sure you can do quickly and easily in timely manner.
  6. After bidding apply you got an invitation for interview so you must be available and keep eye on your emails and notifications these portals sends you notification email (in settings).
  7. In an interview be patience and be polite while talking to client and must be crystal cleared about the task what need to be done once cleared give them a time frame and you must meet that deadline , and negotiate over the rate.
  8. Once payment terms are settled between you and client , Client will hire you and it will appear on your profile that you are hired and your time starts after hiring.
  9. Once task done give client a demo/prototype of the task , if client says its ok then ask for a little payment like 10% of your agreed Price , now its all depends on you try to be polite and not in hurry for payment for the first few tasks of your freelance journey .
  10. Once you are finished deliver the  source to client and client will give you full payment.


  • Never bid high for first 10-20 tasks try to stay below average
  • Always bid on smaller tasks in start ranging between 10-50 USD
  • Don’t use harsh words or rigid behavior  with client always be polite and agree over client requirement.
  • Never ask for payment again and again it will spoil your image.
  • Clients like/love demos of previous work similar to their requirement if you have any present them.
  • During the task set some milestones and divide payment or demos in milestones and deliver them accordingly
  • Never draw amount after each task/contract as freelance portal charges 5-10 USD per transaction so it will give your some loss , always draws amount after certain interval of time or amount like when you are done with 1000 USD then you can draw .
  • Freelance job are very tough and need very patience and hardwork you might not get hired for 2-6 months even more but keep applying and bidding don’t , I got my first task of 5 Dollars after 8 months of continuous Bidding.
  • After you got one two task/job done suddenly things changed and now you got more invitations for interviews , as client leaves reviews and ratings and these rating 4.5 out of 5 or 5 out of 5 helps attract other client and that builds trust on you.

Once your contract is finished the payment transfer from freelance portal could take 5-15 business days so be patience and keep eye on new jobs rather then got tensed thinking about your payment transfer.

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  1. Well done 4 the epic post!!! Amazing tips to put things into action.Thanx 4 sharing this great piece of work.

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