How to type pinyin

Since I have been in china for more than two years , I have been looking for a tool to type pinyin below the Chinese characters in any word editing software. First, we need to know that we can type almost any language in Windows (all version after windows XP) by just adding that specific language. I will explain the method again here for “how to add Chinese language” first before proceeding to “how to type pinyin”.

Step -1

To type Chinese language in any word editing software like notepad, word pad and Microsoft word first we need to install the language pack. Follow the steps

Settings > Time and language

On the left panel Select Language

Press the + sign “Add language”

You can choose Simplified Chinese

Add language in Microsoft word
Add language in Microsoft word

Step – 2

If you have successfully installed the language , you can select the specific language “Chinese” in this case, from the language bar appeared in task bar as shown below.

Add Chinese language in Microsoft word
Add Chinese language in MS Word

Step – 3

Now try typing some Chinese in MS Word ( you can also select the toggle keys to switch between Chinese and English). Remember when you start typing Chinese using pinyin the MS Word will show you the Chinese characters and we can choose the right character from the list.

Type Chinese in Microsoft word
Type Chinese characters in Microsoft Word


If you have selected the Chinese language from the language bar you can now type Chinese anywhere in Windows like in notepad , power point , excel and any other text editing software.

Type Chinese in notepad
Type Chinese in notepad

Step – 5

If you are finally able to input the Chinese characters in Microsoft office , MS word then you can convert or enter pinyin for the Chinese character. Select the Chinese text you want to see or write the pinyin and the press the “abc” button in ribbon it will show you some options including the pinyin.

Type pinyin in Microsoft Word

Select “Centered” in the alignment and press ok. It will display the beautiful pinyin along with Chinese characters , so even if you found any Chinese word , phrase or sentence to learn its pronunciation with pinyin you can just directly perform the step-5 it will show you its correct pinyin.

Type pinyin in Microsoft windows 10
Type pinyin in MS Word

If you face any difficulty or problem while writing pinyin or Chinese characters you can post your comments below.

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