attestation in karachi

There is a big big hurdle waiting for newbie job seeker or degree holder or a very common man having no contacts or what we called PR (Public Relations) i.e. Documents Attestation.

Though the system introduced by Government is to rectify the originals from fraud ones but the method itself is now used to make fraud documents legal .

Any ways if you are worrying for attesting you document here the ways you can choose any one to attest your documents

Notary Public
Beside every civil court or district courts there are person sitting outside the court and they can attest your documents by any of the govt. lawyer or civil judge by just charging some amount and I think is the most respectable method to attest your documents.

Govt. College Teachers
They can attest your documents but they did not attest so easily they did not work through out the year did not take their classes but when you go for attestation they look like presidents of Pakistan and looks busy doing nothing. They will make you frustrated first by giving you time again and again and after 2,3 days they will attest your documents.

Rest of govt employees above GD-18 are impossible to reach doctors are not available during workin hours in govt. hospital , police officers are very busy in their jobs they wont attest your documents. So I mentioned the two ways to get your documents attested.

But its better to develop your PR and contacts they will work for you during your crucial times.

Documents attestation