IIS Stopped

Some times it happens that suddenly when you start IIS (run > inetmgr) and you are shocked when you saw a red color stop icon there , that when you try to start it , it gives an unexpected error
The status there is “Default website stopped”

Solution : This is just because of the sharing of the port 80 . If any other software (ftp software , xampp , Skype , team viewer) shares or consumes that port then this will happen.
You can find which software is using that port by checking its setting or options or preferences in any of its menu

Normally it happens when Skype , xmapp or any software is installed first before IIS ,
No need to uninstall all , if you have too many software.
Just change the prot of default website make it 89 or 97 as per your choice

I normally suffered this in xampp and Skype , I just change the ports in xampp and Skype , because its good practice to make IIS at default port (80).

If the problem persists contact me here , via comments .

Configure IIS

When ever a developer develops  a website you can test it on your own local server . To deploy site on your local server you have to configure .net web server i.e. IIS , although IIS is not the only web server there are others too. but it is built-in default web server with windows. IF you didnot find it in you controlpanel>administrative tools 
Then you can install it by xp/vista cd by Add/Remove windows components and put check mark on IIS

Know here are the steps to configure IIS

Follow the steps

1. Open IIS by writing inetmgr in run or by control panel>AdministrativeTools?Internet information services

2. Expand Websites tree node

3. Expand Default website node

4. Right click on Default website >New> VirtualDirectory

5. Write name here you want at http like TestConnect in your case

6. Browse for the directory in which your webapplication resides

7. give read write access 

8. Thats all , write localhost at your browser like http://localhost/testconnect

Know In order to run you .net sites over your own localhost , you have to do one last step i.e. register IIS for .net framework

Go to run type cmd
Go to directory cd C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727
write : aspnet_regiis.exe -i
It will ask for permission to run command , press y
Then after few second its done.
Know your IIS is registered for .net framework 2.0
For more information about asn_regiis and the .net 3.5 , 4.0 (same command work for earlier versions too.) please visit