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NASA has already made significant steps towards space journey, and now they are looking to step outside the solar system.

International Space Station

NASA has already built an international space station in lower earth orbit which is the first habitable artificial satellite in which astronauts can live and do science experiments. It is a joint project by five nations including United States, Russia , Japan , Europe and Canada. As of 14 March 2019, 236 people from 18 countries had visited the space station, many of them multiple times. The United States sent 149 people, Russia sent 47, nine were Japanese, eight were Canadian, five were Italian, four were French, three were German, and there were one each from Belgium, Brazil, Denmark, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, the Netherlands, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom

International Space Station

Curiosity (rover)

It is the car sized vehicle crawling on the surface of the mars. It is one of the most advance vehicle sent by NASA on Mars. The purpose of this vehicle on martian surface is to explore and find the and slightest possibility of hydrocarbons. It has been launched on 26th November 2011 and still operating and sending data to earth.